Through my work I revert the process in which form follows function, referring to actions that hold an established order in society. My purpose is not to build a closed, perfect system, but one that is interwoven with life. This is obtained by interlocking and linking a series of different materials consistently—from chaos to order—by weaving or joining them through other means. Where small changes in initial conditions can lead to large differences in future behavior, preventing long-term prediction.

My work comes from an empirical process that is in constant renewal, where the visual or formal aspects enter into dialogue with the symmetrical composition inherent in everything that human beings design and build. It is sensorial and appeals to a modular design or repetition as a starting point. Dynamic monotony is used as a creative impulse as a vital generator of inquiry. I analyze patterns of human behavior, the quotidian and what takes place in everyday life, what we perceive, and what defines our identity, our mission and place in our environment. My aesthetic concerns are immersed in the present reflecting change in my images. This process helps me to organize reality through representation.


Erica Muralles Hazbun (Missouri, USA, 1982) has a degree in Graphic Design from Rafael Landívar University, Guatemala (2005). She has been trained in engraving and painting, at: Graphic Experimental Workshop, Metropolitan Cultural Centre Guatemala City (2009-2011); Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington D.C. (2009); and Atelier 31, Montpellier, France (2006).

Erica has participated in more than twenty collective exhibitions, such as: Latin American Art Auction “Juannio”, Guatemala (from 2012 to 2018). “X Central American Biennial”, Despacio Gallery, Costa Rica, and Fundación Yaxs, Guatemala, (2016). “In Situ”, alternative exhibition space Sótano 1, Guatemala, (2014). “Dependence/Independence”, Sol del Río Contemporary Art Gallery, Guatemala (2013). “Plus Volta. Contemporary Graphics”, La Ruleta Gallery, Guatemala, (2013). “Art 12”, Sol del Río Contemporary Art Gallery, Guatemala, (2011). “Americas Help Haiti Arts Project”, United States (2009), amongst other places and events. Award: Winner, III Engraving National Salon, Banco G&T Continental, Guatemala (2011).

Additional solo exhibitions, include: “Sound-Space” (2015) and “Any Other Reality” (2017), both at Sol del Río Contemporary Art Gallery, Guatemala. Her work features in private collections in the United States and Guatemala. She lives and works in Guatemala City.


“Recreations A-1/2016, after Aníbal López”, X Central American Biennial, Costa Rica.

“Abstraction in Action” – Project directed by Cecilia Fajardo Hill, dedicated to the promotion and research of contemporary Latin American abstract art, Los Angeles, CA, 2015.

“Contemporain”, “Erica Muralles et ses Labyrinthes”, France, 2015.

“Art to the Limit”, “Labyrinths”, Chile, 2015.

“International Foundation Women Artists” – “Erica Muralles Hazbun-The Labyrinths”, New York, 2015.


Banco G&T Continental, Guatemala City, Guatemala.