Through my work I revert the process in which form follows function, referring to actions that hold an established order in society. My purpose is not to build a closed, perfect system, but one that is interwoven with life. This is obtained by interlocking and linking a series of different materials consistently—from chaos to order—by weaving or joining them through other means. Where small changes in initial conditions can lead to large differences in future behavior, preventing long-term prediction.

My work comes from an empirical process that is in constant renewal, where the visual or formal aspects enter into dialogue with the symmetrical composition inherent in everything that human beings design and build. It is sensorial and appeals to a modular design or repetition as a starting point. Dynamic monotony is used as a creative impulse as a vital generator of inquiry. I analyze patterns of human behavior, the quotidian and what takes place in everyday life, what we perceive, and what defines our identity, our mission and place in our environment. My aesthetic concerns are immersed in the present reflecting change in my images. This process helps me to organize reality through representation.